BCCI tightens the back of Indian cricket

Cricket has not started yet due to the threat of Corona and there is still uncertainty about it. As such, BCCI treasurer Arun Dhumal said on Monday that his cricket operations and teams of the National Cricket Academy were working on organizing practice camps for top cricketers. However, its deadline cannot be fixed yet.

Dhumal said, ‘There is talk of restoration of the national camp. The cricket operations team and NCA staff are working on the possibility. Different states have different guidelines on concession in lockdown and we have to take a decision accordingly. He said, ‘Everyone is from different state. In such a situation, they can practice in coordination with their state associations until the entire team comes together.
Significantly, the England cricketers have started practicing in pieces. Australia’s top cricketers David Warner and Steve Smith attended a practice session with New South Wales on Monday. It has been a week since domestic flights started in India.
Dhumal said that the board will find a place for the national camp, where the safety of the players is fully guaranteed. He said, ‘Flights have just started. We have to see what the conditions are and find a safe place where the players are hundred percent safe. He said, “It cannot be said right now when the players will come together.”



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