Bhoomi Pednekar talks about her upcoming movies

Bhoomi Padnekar is one of the finest actor of Bollywood, Bhumi Pednekar, while cleaning the house in lockdown, got one thing that messed up his thinking. Bhoomi’s film ‘Dolly Kitty and Woh Shining Stars’ is going to be released soon and the character she plays in this film is very much like Bhoomi was 10-15 years ago.

Bhoomi Padnekar discussed about upcoming movies

Bhoomi Pednekarn

When the discussion goes on about this, Bhoomi says, ‘These days there is so much time at home that you can reboot your life. You can set your priorities anyway, but even after that, some such things are revealed which are never thought of. As I was cleaning a trunk, a scrapbook from my school got handed. I also got my first DVD audition tape and I got my first script written again during this time. My character in the movie ‘Dolly Kitty’ also does something similar with his scrapbook.

Talking about coming out of the lockdown, Bhoomi says, ‘First Week was very strange. My room is on the road, so it was usually very noisy, but suddenly there was silence. Gradually, in 2-3 days, that noise was replaced by birds chirping. The first week of the lockdown was insane, I mean we all used to talk about the virus. We still talk about it, but now we have figured out how to live with it and deal with it

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