Businessman lost Rs 45.7 lakh from his company’s bank accounts after accused deactivated his mobile number

Miscreants siphoned off Rs 45.7 lakh from an engineering company’s bank accounts by deactivating it’s proprietor’s mobile number on Monday. The accused also hacked all internet banking credentials from the victim’s phone number.

After a 24-hour delay in the matter, the company’s chief TV Jagadeesh and his wife Mangala were made to shuttle between two police station before finally registering their cyber fraud complaint on Wednesday at Vijayanagar police station.

According to a report by The Times of India, on Saturday evening Jagadeesh found that his phone’s sim wasn’t working and on Monday morning a hefty sum of Rs 45.7 lakh had been transferred out of their overdraft and current accounts from Canara Bank in five branches within 30 minutes.

Reportedly, the couple lives in Vijayanagar area of the city. The police officials told a media person that the fraudsters must have deactivated Jagadeesh’s sim card after hacking his email account to generate a replacement request. The accused then obtained the replacement sim beside hacking the firm’s internet banking credentials.

Reportedly, this all started on Saturday when Jagadeesh found that his phone’s sim is not working. On Sunday morning he contacted the customer care from a different sim card and raised the issue. The executive asked him to get a new sim card and since it was corporate sim, they needed an official letter.

On Tuesday when his wife tried to access the firm’s bank account he found that the username and password were changed. She reportedly assumed that her husband must have changed it but learnt that he did not change any password. When the couple contacted the bank they got to know that on Monday Rs 45.7 lakh amount was transferred from their accounts.


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