The next Battlefield game features, maps, characters, details

Following affirmation that both Battlefield 5 and Star Wars: Battlefront 2 are slowing down, Electronic Arts has limited the official discharge window for the following Battlefield. Already an organization official had offered a dubious...

How to get XCOM 2 for free?

In the event that you've never battled a guerrilla war to free Earth from some outsider dictators previously, kid have I got some uplifting news for you. 2K is facilitating a XCOM 2 free...

Travis Scott’s first Fortnite concert made fans crazy, date to download

On the off chance that there's one thing you can say about Fortnite's live occasions, it's that they continue getting progressively yearning. From the first rocket dispatch to the mech versus kaiju fight to...

The Division 2 Update to download has just arrived, know details

The Title Update 9 for The Division 2 incorporates a fresh out of the plastic new component for the plunder shooter- - one that ought to urge you to return to your old Exotics. The...

Super Mario Maker 2 download and Leaked, shocking news

Nintendo has declared what it portrays as the last update to Super Mario Maker 2, and it accompanies a gigantic new element: a World Maker mode that lets you plan a guide and string...

PUBG Mobile 0.18.0 information leaked,Miramar 2.0 upcoming

PUBG Mobile is among the most popular mobile games and it added the new Arctic Mode in Vikendi map just last week. Now, details of its next update have been reportedly leaked. The next...

Canada ordered military officers to play Pokemon Go

At least three military police officers were ordered to play Pokemon Go in Canadian bases across the country, after players invaded the facilities in a quest to catch them all. The interlopers were not foreign...

PUBG Mobile PEC China live streaming: Watch here with detailed squads information

PEL 2019 is the official highest-level professional Chinese league of the "Peacekeeper Elite" a Chinese rebranded version of "PUBG Mobile". Peacekeeper Elite Championship 2019, i.e., PEC 2019, will begin on 28th December and will be held...

Pubg Motor Glider: New feature everything you need to know

PUBG comes with the new feature, which is "Motor Glider". Recently, PUBG Mobile made an announcement about Motor Glider and also the game developers tested a new “Bluehole” mode that will make the game...

Blade Runner PC game download for free

Blade Runner PC full game for download The 1997 Blade Runner adventure PC game has been rereleased on GOG. Blade Runner  told a unique detective story set parallel to the original 1982 film. It includes some...



Apple MacBook Pro 2020 13 inch launched with Apple M1 processor

Apple MacBook Pro Apple M1 processor
Apple MacBook Pro 2020, 3 inch with M1 processor: Apple held its third product launch event today. It launched Apple's first Mac chip. Three new Mac models have been announced at the event, including the MacBook Air, which is Apple's notebook. With this, a...

Twitter Flats feature launched globally, (Amazing Features) posted photos and videos will disappear automatically

Twitter Flats
Twitter Flats: Twitter has launched the worldwide Twitter Flats feature. Users can post photos and videos through this feature, which will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Let us know that the company released this feature in India as a test in June. Twitter Flats feature...

Realme 7 5G launching with 5 Cameras Know best price & specifications)

Realme 7 5G launching with 5 Cameras and 5000mAh battery (Know price & specifications)
Realme 7 5G: The smartphone will come in the Baltic Blue Color option. The sale of the phone will begin on November 27. It can be purchased from the UK Amazon website. On Friday, you will be able to buy the phone for Rs...

15+Worst passwords of the Year 2020 (which cracked in less than half the time)

Worst passwords: Currently, money can be transferred online with just one click. This requires a login ID and password. But if you have not created a strong password, then fraud with you can be executed in just one click. In the year 2020, a...

Amazon created a Made in India toy store, Know All Amazing Benifits

Made in India toy store
Amazon Made in India toy store: Toy vendors from around 15 states will be able to showcase their products on the Amazon India platform, where traditional Made in India toy store will be available along with homemade toys as (Filmora Key Free) well as...