Corona Virus: India Lockdown Extended Till May 3!

The Corona Virus spreading rapidly across the country, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the nation on Tuesday, the 21st day of the nationwide lockdown.

PM Modi said that the country is fighting the corona virus with full force. The way the countrymen have introduced renunciation and penance is important in the fight against Corona.

Earlier the Prime Minister announced a 21-day nationwide lockdown on March 24 to prevent the spread of the corona virus, the period of which ends today.

PM Modi said that the rapid spread of Corona has made governments and health experts more alert all over the world.

I have constantly held discussions with the states on how the fight against Corona in India has done, how we can win, how we can be a loss, and how to reduce people’s problems.

Everyone’s suggestion is that the lockdown should be increased. Many states have already decided to increase the lockdown.

PM Modi further said that keeping in mind all the suggestions, it has been decided that the lockdown in India will have to be increased till May 3, that is, till May 3, all of us, every countryman will have to remain in lockdown.

During this time, we have to follow the discipline in the same way as we have been doing. If a single patient grows at the local level then this should be a matter of concern for us.

Therefore, we have to be very careful about hotspots. We have to keep a close watch on the places that are expected to be converted into hotspots. The creation of new hotspots will further challenge our labor and austerity.


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