Corona virus is spreading all over the world 80000+ infected and 1800 dead

Coronavirus is spreading extremely all over the world day by day. Worldwide 1800 dead and 80,000+ people are infected. News agency AFP confirmed 99 more people on the Japanese cruise were infected. One person each died in Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Hong Kong. We have found the first case of death outside Asia that is in France.

80,000+ people are infected worldwide. The maximum number of cases have been reported in Wuhan province of Hubei. Where the virus started spreading in December. A total of 1,770 dead in China, the majority are from Wuhan.

Totally 34 cases reported in Thailand

There have been 34 cases reported in Thailand. Apart from this, 30 cases have been reported in South Korea, 22 in Malaysia, 20 in Taiwan and one person has also died. 16 cases have been reported in Vietnam, 15 in Australia, 10 in Macau, three each in India, Italy and the Philippines. One person also died in the Philippines.

16 cases in Germany, 15 in the US, 12 cases confirmed in France


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