Corona Virus: The Number of Infected Patients Across the Country Reached 10000

Coronavirus: The number of corona patients in India is increasing towards the figure of 10 thousand.

As of 7 pm on 13 April, the number of corona patients in India has been 9300+. The rate at which the infection is increasing in the country has increased to 10,300+ by 8 am today, ie on 14 April.

However, if you try to know the condition of the major countries that reached 10,000 figures from the first case, Italy touched this figure in only 39 days while China took the maximum time of 75 days.

However, one thing is coming out that not only India but other developed countries have shown apathy in the prevention of corona virus.

Statistics shows that every country has got a long time between the first case and the 1000th case. The conditions could have been further improved if proper precautions were taken.

The first Corona case in India came on 30 January. Since then, by the middle of March Corona had left its proper influence in Western countries.

The 100th case in India was on 14 March. While our international flights were discontinued on 24 March.

Experts believe that if the same decision was taken by mid-March, there could have been more help in preventing this infection in India.


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