Coronavirus: How India is preparing to be safe and make China safe?

Corona deadly virus spreading all over the world badly and made many countries suffer. Many countries, including India, are planning to evacuate their diplomatic staff and civilians from parts of China. Let’s know the planning of some countries and how they will manage the health risks associated with their citizens who have returned from China to India.

India is planning to make everything for the safety against Corona and also helping other countries. India decided to send its C-17 military aircraft to Wuhan, China to bring other Indians who staying in China. The C-17 Globemaster will deliver a consignment of medical equipment to Wuhan. The Globemaster is the largest military aircraft in the Indian Air Force inventory. Recently, 640 Indians had returned from Wuhan by Air India special aircraft.

South Korean citizens also living in China also infected by the Coronavirus. Six South Koreans and a Japanese husband and wife traveled in a chartered flight to South Korea on Wednesday morning.

Australia also in the struggle has reported that it has 220 civilians aboard the Japanese ship, of which 169 civilians will be evacuated while the remaining 36 infected people will remain on the ship, with 15 more being asked to remain on board. Those rescued from Japan will be sent to Darwin and set aside.

Hong Kong reported sending an aircraft from Japan to bring passengers back from the Japanese cruise, the most coronavirus infection seen outside China on this ship.



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