FIFA planned to make major change due to Covid-19

FIFA needs groups to utilize five substitute players because of Corona infection pandemic, presently confronting the test of getting the rest of the matches in a brief timeframe. FIFA on Monday gave information about a temporary plan so that players can be protected from injuries due to excess of workload after football is restored.

Under this, the competition coordinators will permit the group to utilize five substitute players in the specified time and the 6th in additional time rather than three. FIFA said in an announcement, “Our anxiety is that more matches in less time will expand the danger of injury to the players”.

A club like Manchester City should play 19 additional matches, including 10 of the Premier League, when the games are reestablished in the coming time. Aside from this, Juventus should play 20 matches.

The endorsement of IFAB is as yet pending on this proposition, which is the FIFA rulemaking board of trustees. This endorsement, be that as it may, is just a convention as the panel comprises of FIFA authorities and four British National Federations


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