Finally China is successful in producing a desired treatment for deadly Corona virus

China comes up with a very effective treatment for the outbreak of the Corona virus. Specializers and  Researchers in China reported that a special plasma has been prepared for patients affected by the Coronavirus. The researchers are already made an experiment on those who suffered from the coronavirus and now they all recovered.

China National Biotech Group (CNBG) reported that many antibodies have been added to the body of recuperated patients, which can prove to be very effective in combating the coronavirus.

Special plasma is an effective remedy in the absence of a vaccine and effective medicine – Wuhan Hospital

Chuang Tingyu the head of Chininthan Hospital in Wuhan, said that ‘we studying the plasma of those people recently. In which the initial result is found. Now, in the absence of vaccine and effective medicine, treatment of coronavirus patients using special plasma is an effective solution’.

Chiang Tingyu appealed to patients who have recovered to donate plasma. So that other patients suffering from this disease can be saved.

Plasma will be collected and treated for the suffering people

The CNBG announced that we taking great precautions to collect plasma. plasma had been collected from patients who had recovered from the disease.  During this time, blood tests, virus inactivation test, and antivirus activation, etc. were investigated.

China National Biotech Group has formed a special team to collect plasma of recuperated patients in Wuhan. In the past few days, 10 serious affected patients are being treated in a hospital in Jiangxi, Wuhan. Symptoms have been found to improve 12 to 24 hours after taking treatment.

What are the outcomes after treatment?

The flow of oxygen to the blood was found to be correct and the number of viruses causing the disease going to decrease.


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