How did Shahrukh Khan earned 124 crores without releasing single movie in 2019

ShahRukh Khan, the king of Bollywood is a long time no see on the film screen. Recently, Forbes India released the list of top 100 grossing celebrities in India. Shah Rukh Khan’s name is in the 6th position.


Fans of ShahRukh Khan are surprised by his earnings due to ShahRukh, not even single movies made in 2019. Everyone’s eager to know How did Shahrukh Khan earn 124 crores without releasing a single movie in 2019?

ShahRukh Khan Business and earnings 

ShaRukh  have a different sources of income. He has earned 124 crore in the year 2019, earned 56 crores in 2018, 170.5 crores in 2017.

ShahRukh not only a Film actor but also a great business man. He made his business world wide and all running quite well. Coming to his business part, he is currently partnered with around 14 brands, including brands such as ICICI, BiJus, Big Basket, Tag Heuer, Lux, Hyundai.. etc

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ShahRukh also have a good income from Red Chillies Entertainment and through this he also released Bard of Blood on Netflix. It has been given a very good response by the audience. 


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