How kohli become best batsmen in the world.

Virat Kohli is the best batsman in the world in all three formats in the current round due to his never give up strategies and tricks and fitness.  Australianc Ian Chappell said, ‘Out of Steve Smith, Kane Williamson and Joe Root, Kohli is the best of all three formats. There is no doubt about it. His record in all three formats is excellent. Especially in limited overs format.

When the Indian team came to Australia last time, we interviewed them. He had then explained why he does not skimp like T20 cricket. He had said that he did not want that kind of shots to come in his bat in the five-day format. In our time, Viv Richards had great cricket shots in limited overs. He used to hit the ball so well that runs were made very fast. Kohli is also the same. He plays traditional cricket shots well.

Kohli’s fitness and the race behind the wickets is amazing. He is very fit. Some of his innings have been wonderful. His captaincy is also fearless and he is not afraid of losing. He is also ready to lose in trying to win. Earlier, former England batsman Kevin Pietersen had said that Australian batsman Smith does not even stay around Kohli.

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