IFCN new Whatsapp chat bot to stop rumors related to coronavirus

International Fact Checking Network, has launched Whatsapp chat bot to prevent fake news related to coronavirus. Through this chat bot available on Whatspp, millions of users can be connected. The special thing about this chat bot of IFCN is that through this, anyone can easily check whether the news related to coronavirus is true or fake. On this chat bot, people will get IFCN verified (certified) news checked by more than 80 institutions around the world, so that people will be able to detect any fake news related to coronavirus. As soon as a user reports any news or rumor on this chat bot, they will get the correct information about that news by the IFCN database from the number +1 (727) 2912606.

IFCN director Baybars Orsek said that the chat bot has been launched in only one language, English at the moment. Soon it will be launched in Portuguese and Spanish besides Hindi. He said that we are working to start this chat bot in other languages ​​as well. A press release issued by IFCN states that since January, more than 4,000 fact-checking institutions in 74 countries have detected more than 4,000 coronavirus-related fake news. All these fake news are updated in the Corona VirusFacts database on a daily basis so that this chat bot can easily navigate fake news.

Orsek further told that through chat bot users will be able to easily detect fake news. This chat bot of IFCN will be the main way for the users to distribute the fact checked content. This chat bot will have a database of rejected news related to coronavirus which can be searched by any word or interrupt. This chat bot will also be a way for users to contact the fact checkers of their country.

Not only this, through this chat bot users will be able to access the global directory of fact checking institutions through the country code. With the help of this, they will be able to contact the fact checkers of their country and can also submit any news to them for review. There has been a flood of fake news during the coronavirus epidemic. Whatsapp has more than 450 million users in India at the time of 450 million. In the past, this instant messaging service has also made several changes to the app to prevent fake news related to coronaviruses, including reducing the limit of frequency forwarded messages to one.

Vishwas News is the Fact Checking Unit of Jagran New Media, which is accredited with the International Fact Checking Network (IFCN). Vishwas News does fact checking in 11 languages ​​including Hindi, English. Jagran New Media is the online wing of Dainik Jagran Group.


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