Kerala State Lotteries

Kerala State Lotteries

Kerala State Lottery was started within the year 1967. The initiative was taken by the then State minister of finance Sri. P.K. Kundu. During that period Kerala was affected by acute unemployment. the amount of unemployed youth at the start of the third five-year plan was above 1.3 million. The shift from agriculture to industrial and commercial activities, the craze for white-collar jobs, the expansion of service sector, insufficient increase in nontax income like interest, dividend, and profit, increased public expenditure, etc. were the factors that led the minister of finance to consider a supplementary source of income for the state.

Thus lottery was introduced mainly for reducing unemployment and to a particular extent for supporting the state revenue. Lotteries were conducted by private agencies at that point. Later private lotteries were banned. Today, only the government conducts a lottery. Rules and regulations for conducting lotteries are framed and lotteries became a standard affair now. at present, it gives employment to quite 3 lakh people and contributes, quite Rs. 10 crores a year to the government by way of profit. tax deducted from the prize amount also involves crores of rupees. Above all, a great deal is lying with the government as an undistributed prize.

Is Kerala A Lottery State?

Started as a monthly program Kerala State lottery is currently having on a mean 5 draws every week. the primary prize distributed during a draw has increased from Rs. 50000 to Rs. 1 crore and even more. The total sale of tickets has also increased from Rs.75 lakhs to Rs.125 crores a year. Thus it’s felt that the lotteries play a big role within the lifetime of Kerala people.

But research scholars, academicians, and policymakers haven’t attempted much on the topic. This research gap motivated the scholar to settle on this subject. Research problems are often rigorously identified and conceptualized only after an in-depth literature review.

A survey among 300 samples was made up of the various regions – southern central and northern. The districts of Thiruvananthapuram, Thrissur, and Kannur were selected randomly for the aim and 100 samples from each district were selected and studied to research the motives behind buying tickets and therefore the extent of religion the general public has within the Kerala State Lottery. A survey among 90 respondents was made up of winners of huge prize amounts to research the pattern of utilization of prize.

How Many Lotteries Are There In Kerala?

A survey among 150 samples was also made up of the sellers of tickets to research the income earned by them from this activity. The sample sizes were kept low due to the difficulties in getting the relevant group. The Director of Kerala State Lotteries, a couple of district lottery officers, a couple of very large and really small sellers of tickets, the President of Kerala Lottery results from Agents Association (KLAA), etc. were also contacted and interviewed for his or her opinions and attitudes about the Kerala State Lottery. Collected data were analyzed using appropriate and relevant techniques.


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