Mercedes Benz, Bosch started testing Autonomous driving S-Class

Mercedes and Bosch’s partnership will see trials of the Autonomous Driving S-Class in the streets of San Jose.

Mercedes Benz Autonomous Driving:

Autonomous driving will fundamentally revolutionise the automobile. Artificial intelligence will play a key role in this: Deep Learning as a mega trend. Mercedes-Benz is a pioneer when it comes to autonomous driving. Prototypes such as the Mercedes-Benz S-Class S 500 INTELLIGENT DRIVE, the F 015 Luxury in Motion or the Future Truck 2025 show that the technical conditions for autonomous driving are already well established.

The required sensors and cameras have long been used in series production vehicles and undertake increasing numbers of tasks on the driver’s behalf. Today’s discussion no longer revolves around whether the technology will deliver on its promise but whether people want what the technology can deliver.

Mercedes and Bosch are working on a self-driving car test platform that will ferry people in San Jose, California’s West side and downtown core along San Carlos Street and Stevens Creek Boulevard.

Companies are not planning on making these trial cars available to all public people of San Jose, but,  A select group of users will be able to book their rides using a special app by Daimler Mobility.

Mercedes Benz Autonomous Driving S-class in San Jose

The electronics and electrical system on board a Mercedes-Benz makes driving safer and more comfortable than ever before. However, the new technologies have to be incorporated into cars somehow – and that’s why today’s vehicles contain numerous high-tech components.

Jürgen Schwarz and his team make sure that all of this technology works flawlessly even in the event of electromagnetic interference. And they ensure that the technology is harmless to those travelling inside the vehicle.


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