Mohammad Shami revealed his experience in lockdown

Indian cricket team pacer Mohammed Shami is away from cricket because of the covid-19 infection pandemic and is living in his town in Amroha area of UP. Mohammed Shami runs in the field while furrowing to keep himself fit and afterward does some training. It has become a piece of their way of life here, in light of the fact that Covid-19 is an across the country lockdown and nobody is permitted to go out.

Mohammed Shami, who is getting a charge out of a simple life in his town, had an extraordinary discussion with our reporters( Abhishek Tripathi asked him that you have seen many high points and low points throughout everyday life, at that point there is a second that you might want to erase from your life? Mohammed Shami reacted with a chuckle.

Mohmmed Shami talks intresting

Mohammed Shami said, “Hahaha, lockdown. If any such part of my life should be removed, it is lockdown. There are many ups and downs in life. All these are a part of life. I would like one thing to always Should remain positive. If you have talent, then you will be ahead. You should stay ahead in good things. As in today’s environment, if someone comes forward and helps, then according to me, that person is good.

Significantly, Mohammad Shami has been surrounded by troubles in his cricketing career due to injury and his fitness. At the same time, off the field, in his personal life, he has been surrounded by difficulties on behalf of the family, where his wife Hasin Jahan accused him and his family of domestic violence. Humans often break up in this type of situation, but the powerful Mohammed Shami continued his journey and played for India.



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