More than 500 bats died in Gorakhpur

More than 500 bats have been found dead in a garden at Belghat village in the Khajani range.

Villagers are in panic due to the sudden death of a large number of bats during the Corona infection.

A large number of dead bats were spotted in Dhruv Narayan Shahi’s garden in Belaghat on Tuesday morning.

A crowd of villagers gathered on the occasion. Khajani Ranger Devendra Kumar also arrived at the place at around 11 am.

Taking necessary precautions, he collected dead bats. He said the cause of death is not entirely clear. Suddenly the heat has increased. There is also no water in the ponds around it.

It is feared that the bats may have died due to the heat. The villagers say that the bats lived on a Bahra tree located a short distance from the spot, owned by Rohit Shahi.

Some bats were also seen dead around 2 pm on Monday afternoon. Some bats are also dead on the tree. DFO Avinash Kumar states that all bats belong to the fruit vat species. Their samples are being sent to Bareilly for post mortem.


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