NPCI Launched its New Virtual Assistant

The National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) has launched the chat boat PAi based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This chatbot has been launched for awareness about real-time business products like FASTag, RuPay, UPI, AePS.

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This initiative of NPCI will help in promoting digital financial infrastructure in India. This AI Virtual Assistance chat boat will alert 24×7 people about all payment-related products of NPCI. With the help of PAi, users will be provided information about all types of payment services done through these NPCI platforms.

This chat boat of NPCI will present information to people in two languages ​​- English and Hindi. PAi will provide users with information about the questions asked through voice and chat.

Users can visit the NPCI website and generate their queries with the help of PAi and get a solution. This chatbot will answer all queries related to FASTag, RuPay, and UPI Chalega through Verify Automated Response. Not only this, but it will also be accessible to global RuPay cardholders.

Kunal Kalawatiya, Chief Marketing of NPCI said, We are happy that we have launched PAi equipped with Artificial Intelligence for users. In this fast-growing world, immediate answers to people’s queries have become a necessity.

We hope that PAi will bring a new experience to the users and provide information about our products through the Natural and Asana Conventions, to promote digital payments.

PAi has been developed by Bangalore-based start-up company CoRover Private Limited, whose NLP chat-boat based on Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning will support more than 200 million users in the country.


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