Pakistan landed in defense of its two spies, says India committed clear violation of Vienna Convention

Pakistan has reacted on Monday to the decision of two Pakistan High Commission officials arrested on charges of espionage in India to leave the country immediately. Pakistan Foreign Ministry has said that we strongly condemn India’s decision and strongly condemn it. Neighbors Mulk said that all India’s arguments are baseless and we reject it. The Government of Pakistan said that both the officers of our High Commission are innocent and they are being implicated unnecessarily. Pakistan also said that the Indian action was a clear violation of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations and diplomatic norms. 

Explain that security agencies have arrested two Pakistani ISI agents with confidential documents of the Indian security establishment. Indian agencies caught both Pakistan agents red handed when they were giving them money in exchange for these documents from an Indian. During interrogation, he admitted that he was an officer in Pakistan High Commission and worked for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI). Indian security agencies are verifying what other important documents they have and who they have contact with.

Important clues found during interrogation, Aadhar card turned out to be fake 

According to sources, during the interrogation, the two first claimed to be Indian citizens by showing fake Aadhaar cards. When suspected, his Aadhaar card was checked and it turned out to be fake. After this the security agencies became attentive. During a stringent interrogation, both of them confessed to being Pakistani citizens. He acknowledged that both are Pakistan High Commission officials and work for the ISI. Military officials said that after coming in contact with Indian officers, they often lure them by using money or other means to target them. They then try to establish personal relationships with them to gain valuable information.

Both officers were on the radar of the military intelligence agency 

The names of the two officers involved in espionage are Abid Hussain and Muhammad Tahir. Both are officers of the Pakistan High Commission in New Delhi. . According to the military intelligence agency, both were suspected and both these officers had been on their radar for almost a year to engage in espionage activities. Indian military intelligence and IB team have seized important security documents from both. Apart from fake Aadhaar cards, an iPhone has also been recovered


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