Pakistani batsman Umar Akmal banned for 3 years

Pakistan batsman Umar Akmal has recently been prohibited for 3 years by the Pakistan Cricket Board. This decision was taken as a result of the absence of information about being contacted for match-fixing.

According to the data, Akmal refused to provide the names of the bookies to be entered in the meeting. Akmal refused to say anything about what he talked to the bookies. According to PTI, Omar explained that two individuals met him at a celebration that his friend had given. But he also refused to inform the officials what both people that were unidentified had met in that assembly with him.

“When the Anti Corruption officials filed their report that they had made the error of meeting them Karachi at the night between 19 and 20 February. The board was not informed about this after this was said by Akmal. Declined to Provide any advice about it.”

Akmal was found guilty of hiding information and contacting them for match-fixing. On 27 April, the PCB decided to prohibit it for three years. This ban will be levied on Akmal until 19. According to data received from PCB sources, Akmal had given distinct conflicting statements on April 27 at front of the Discipline Committee.

Umar Akmal

“He refused to cooperate with the disciplinary committee panel judge. “Omar had acted in a very acceptable manner, while on the other hand, he said that he must have informed the PCB about his meeting. Regardless of this, he refused to provide details about the discussion from the assembly.”


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