Paras Chhabra and Akanksha breakup, one of the shocking news for Bigg Boss fans

Famous Indian TV show Bigg Boss 13 contestants Paras Chhabra and Akanksha are no more in a relationship this is the shocking news for all the Bigg Boss fans.

Paras Chhabra has decided to break up with his girlfriend Akanksha Puri due to their personal problems. During the interview with Times of India, Paras has given a bold statement that he will meet Akanksha for the last time and we don’t have the future further and we are no more in a relationship.

Paras had come out from the Bigg Boss and the relationship with the Akanksha was still in good bonding. Now, Paras told the truth in front of media that they both are not in a relationship anymore. Even, Akanksha loves me so much.

Paras was sad due to their personal relationship problems and shared some, said, ‘I don’t know why Akanksha made our personal details public? If she loves me, why did she tell this to everyone? Especially in front of the media, why did she reveal? Salman sir scolded her so much because of that. I don’t think we have any meaning to talk now. Yes, I will meet her once last time and say that she should also move on.



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