Patal Lok Open Review: Strong acting with excellent story, Must watch series

During the time of lockdown, l are confused about which series to watch. In such a situation, there is a glut of content on OTT platforms, which can make anyone’s eyes tired. But when a good film or web series falls in your hands, it feels so good. Anushka Sharma has brought one such good web series. No, Anushka Sharma did not act in this series, but she has produced it. Yes, it is the Patal Lok web series best Hindi series of 2020.

How is Patal Lok’s web series? 

Patal Lok series is about that part of our country and life, which some people see and some live, but almost everyone knows about it. Now if you are wondering what the hell is hell, then let us tell you. According to Hathi Ram, one of the main characters of this web series, the world is one, not three. At the top of it is the heaven world, in which the gods live. In the middle is the earth, in which man lives. Totally the series is amazing.

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What is the story of Patal Lok?

This story is from Delhi, where four criminals are caught on the bridge of Yamuna. He was involved in the conspiracy to murder a top journalist and news anchor Sanjeev Mehra. This case is given to Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary (Jaideep Alhavat).

Ram Outer is a common policeman working in the Yamuna Paar police station, who despite being in service for years has not been able to do anything big. Her wife Renu Chaudhary (Gul Panag) gives time to take care of her and her son. At the same time, Hathiram’s son Siddharth (Bodhisattva Sharma) does not speak directly to him and hears scuffles between his school and friends.

Sanjeev Mehra (Neeraj Kabi) was once a big name of the media industry. Now he is trying to save his job. In such a situation, he gets shocked after hearing about his murder plot. The four people caught in this series may appear to be ordinary, but the truth behind them is quite dangerous.

Here, you are not only able to see the Hades, but also see the troubles of the Earth people. So at the same time, it also comes to know that heaven is not really as amazing as we all think.

The direction of Patal Lok

This web series is composed of well-known directors like Avinash Arun and Prasit Roy. The story is written by Sudeep Sharma, who has previously given us great films like Udta Punjab and NH10. In such a situation, the direction, screenplay, and editing of Patal Lok are no less than a gift. Its story is very beautifully written and is equally beautifully screened.

Each character has its own story, which is shown to you in a very simple and easy manner. This web series touches everything happening in today’s time. Here the matter of religion, talk of not being before the media, things happening in a small town, the murder of journalists, mob lynching in the name of beef, the life of people living in big houses in big cities, everything like crime, police This web series serves viewers very easily. Nothing is heavy on you and nothing remains untouched by it.

Although some of its scenes make you uncomfortable. There is a lot of crime, bloodshed, and other disturbing scenes in the entire series, which can turn your mind off.


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