PS5 new design leaked

PlayStation Nation is anxiously looking to Sony to make a big appearance to its own design for the PS5, However recently “leaked” images of the next-gen console circulating the internet today couldn’t be more inaccurate.

The design sketches – as first spotted by VGC – were published on the Japanese Patent Office , and while no official mention of the DualShock 5 is made, the images corroborate with everything we’ve heard about the upcoming accessory until now.

Credits- Twitter

PS5 design: This is not a final design

Officially  website of PS5 itself  states the image isn’t an authentic representation of the final product either, but merely a placeholder for the retailer’s pre-order page in advance of the PS5’s full reveal.

Frankly, it’s a good think this mock-up design isn’t the real deal, because no one wants that thing sat on their TV cabinet. It looks like a burnt takeout box.

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