Rahul Dravid talked about mental health of players during lockdown

The head of the National Cricket Academy (NCA) and former Indian captain Rahul Dravid revealed that the mental health issues of non-contracted and under-19 players were addressed through professional help amid the lockdown caused by the worldwide COVID-19 epidemic. has been done. It is an indefinite period for the cricketers and is capable of mentally affecting them, Dravid admitted this during a Rajasthan Royals webinar on mental health on Wednesday night.

Rahul Dravid has said, “This is something that we tried in this lockdown. We identified outside the contract list and with the under-19 players. We have the opportunity to connect with professionalism. As a former cricketer, I In fact I believe that former cricketers, cricket coaches do not have the expertise to deal with the issues that some young people have these days. The right thing for us is to direct them to the professionals and take it forward. “

Saying that mental health has been an issue in cricket, Rahul Dravid said that it is a pleasure to see him constantly talking about it. He has said, “It’s an atmosphere of high pressure. In the past, there was a certain stigma to accepting it, but some players definitely coming out have had some better conversations around it.” Dravid has worked with a lot of young players and now works with all types of players in the National Cricket Academy.

He has said, “This is quite ineligible for a lot of young players, which is why I love working with under-19 players or India A, which I think is going through the same amount of insecurity.” ‘Whether I make it or not. With them, I have experienced myself as a young boy. ” Rahul Dravid, who made his debut in first class cricket at the age of 17, has told that it took him 5 years to play India.


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