Ramzan 2020: What else Muslims do with fasting

The month of Ramzan (Ramzan) which is one of the most culinary months of Islam religion, is going to start this week. For the whole month (29 or 30 days) of Ramadan, people of Muslim community keep fasting, read Quran. Apart from every day’s Namaz, a special Namaz is also recited during the night in Ramadan, which is called Taraweeh. People stop their sins with Allah.

People of the Muslim community eagerly wait for Ramadan throughout the year, because there are beliefs that this month, Allah honors his bandans with uncountable mercies and closes the doors of dozakh (jahannam) and opens the doors of Jannat (heaven). This time the Pak month of Ramadan will start from 24 or 25 April on the moon sighting.  

Keeping fast in the month of Ramadan is obligatory on every healthy Muslim since the age of 7 years. It is believed that during the month of Ramadan, Allah accepts every legitimate blessing of his people and acquits them from their sins.

The month of Ramadan is also important for the people of the Muslim community because it is believed that the worship of this month is 70 times more than the rest of the months. In Ramadan, there is a lot of devotion to reciting Quran along with Rosa Namaz, because on the 21st day of Ramadan, only on the Prophet Hazrat Mohammed Saheb did Allah make ‘Quran Sharif’. That is, the Quran came into existence.

The cycle of reading Taraweeh (a form of namaz) starts only after the moon is seen in the month of Ramadan. On the same night, before the sun comes out, the people of the Muslim community start eating the Sahi in the morning and keep their first fast during Ramadan and start their process of worship. Along with offering Namaz and Roza in Ramadan, reading of Taraweeh is also said to be very fruitful.

What is Sahri and Iftar and what is its fate in Ramadan?

During the month of Ramadan, there is also a lot of concern to do sahri and iftar. Sahi is said to be the food eaten before sunrise in the morning. Rosa is kept after eating sahri. It is said that Prophet Hazrat Mohammad Saheb has described Sunnah as Sahari.

It is said that being tolerated helps. That is why getting help is beneficial. When the sun opens in the evening when the sun sets, it is called iftar. It is said that at the time of Iftar, Allah blesses all the prayers that are prayed with his heart.

Keeping the eyes, tongue and ears fasting does not mean just keeping away from the things of food and drink. Rather, Rosa is also related to the eyes, tongue and ears. That is, after keeping the fast, the person can not talk wrong nor can he lie nor can anyone do evil. Similarly, seeing and hearing wrong things breaks Roja. That is why it is said that by keeping the fast, a person becomes free from all wrongdoings and evils. 


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