Rs 4,000 Crore Loss due to not conducting IPL

BCCI president Sourav Ganguly has indicated that Indian cricketers might have to take pay cuts from the eventuality of IPL being canceled this year since it will result in losses running in tens of thousands of crores.

“We might need to analyze our financial situation, see just how much money we have, and take a call. Not hosting the Indian Premier League (IPL) will lead to losses to the tune of Rs 4,000 crore that’s huge,” Ganguly told Mid-Day.

He continued, “In the event the IPL takes place, we won’t have to go in for pay reductions. We’ll manage things.”

But, BCCI may be put in financial terms compared to other cricket boards around the world. The likes of Cricket Australia are looking at huge losses in the event the cricket calendar this season is wiped out and are banking on India’s tour this season to cut down on their losses.

There have been talks of adding additional Tests to their series but Ganguly reckons as the addition of more matches will cause an elongated tour, it seems unlikely. “I really don’t think it’ll be possible for India to take part in five Tests. There will be limited-overs games and plus we must think about the 14-day quarantine guidelines. This will extend the tour,” Ganguly said.

The administrators are working to ensure the resumption of cricket as soon as possible in an a secure environment. Included in the protocols to be followed matches begin, fans won’t be allowed within the arena, and Ganguly admits while the situation requires the measure, it will surely decrease the excitement.

“Yes, the appeal will be. I recall playing in such a scenario at the Asian Test Championship game against Pakistan in 1999 and there was a definite lack of excitement,” the former India captain recalled.

He continued, the officers would have to be somewhat careful about the way the spectators leave the galleries for home, in case you have matches with a limited number of crowds, not only would stringent social distancing rules apply. The policing will need to be very strict. It’s a tough call and the situation we find ourselves in is grave.”


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