Shah Rukh Khan shocking reply to fan about PM fund donation

Shah Rukh Khan of Bollywood is once again connected with his fans on Twitter amid the lockdown. He is answering the questions of his fans, let me tell you, Shahrukh Khan often meets his fans on social media. Now once again he organized the #ASKSRK session.

During this time, the fans asked many strange-o-poor questions to King Khan, to which the actor has given a very good answer. However, when a fan questioned Shah Rukh Khan about donating to PM Cares Fund, the actor also responded with a lot of understanding. Let me tell you, Shah Rukh Khan is constantly helping the public in the transition phase of this dangerous coronavirus. 

Asking Shah Rukh Khan, the fan asked the question about donating to the PM Cares Fund, “Rightly say how much donation was made in the PM Fund.” Shahrukh Khan also gave a befitting reply to this question of the fan. He said, ‘Really, what is the treasurer ??’ Now this tweet of Shahrukh Khan is becoming very viral and people are also giving their feedback on it. 

Shah Rukh Khan made a tweet before starting the #AskSRK session, ‘There is a good idea. Let’s play #AskSRK. But not for long because I have to go … Nothing … Let’s start with this hashtag. ‘ In this way Shah Rukh Khan’s fans are asking him about his heart. This hashtag is also trending on Twitter.


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