Shane Warne’s biggest mistake changed his life

Australian spinner Shane Warne’s career was divided into two distinct parts. One is, where he got his name on the ground, he was also criticized for the work done outside the field. He admited his mistakes and he was also embarrassed by it.

On Fox Cricket, Warne said, “I don’t feel proud about my decision. I made a lot of mistakes and the things I chose were wrong. But I always told the truth to myself and took it today I feel proud. ” 

“It was really difficult for me to choose certain things. I let my family down, I embarrassed my children but it’s the one thing I have to live with. Even after choosing all those wrong things, I am all of them I feel proud of the right things that have done good. I have done a lot of good things as well but sometimes people talk about bad things only because it made the headline Area is good for. “



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