Sona Mohapatra eagerly waiting to speak on importance of space study in India

One of India’s most prominent singers, Sona Mohapatra, who has crooned hit tracks like AmbarbasriyaBolo NaBaharaNaina, Bedardi Raja, and more, has been invited as the only Indian dignitary for a talk show regarding India’s space satellite launch in Paris. In reports are anything to go by, the artist has been invited by a France-based space agency, Araine to represent India, and provide the country’s perspective in the prestigious event.

The rare opportunity that Sona will soon avail, will take her back to her roots as apart from being a singer, she has also been a brilliant science student and an engineer. On January 16, the space agency will be launching the ISRO satellite GSAT-30 and in the talk show, Sona will reportedly discuss the importance of space and its study in India.

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It was an extremely pleasant surprise being invited by the @arianegroup to be part of their launch event in #Paris to represent India scheduled on the 17 th of January. Who wouldn’t be excited for a rocket going to space to launch an Indian satellite! I have always had a fascination for science in general & space in particular. My initial reaction was: why me, when there are many more better qualified Indians who are domain experts in the field of space exploration & research. So I said ‘no’ at the outset & continued with my much needed break on a beach over the NewYear. A couple of discussions with them later after landing back in Mumbai & @cyrtagram convinced me that they were seeking a different perspective on the show, that of an artiste! A science enthusiast & someone who could observe, articulate, connect the dots & not a space expert. Someone who could provide a general picture to people outside the scientific community of India & especially the youth. I am at the event to provide a perspective, that of an musician, who has had an academic background in science (I hold a BTech in I&E degree) & will relay back the experience & wonder of seeing a rocket go to space! ! This rocket will put into orbit an ISRO GSAT-30, a heavy communication satellite that will provide critical communications links for India. I’m excited & honoured to share the podium with people of such stature from around the world such as @astroathens & @sarahcruddastv & others! @stringtheoryfr @usbek_et_rica are part of this event too. #sonamohapatra #airianespace #event #science #space #stars #love #press #print #India #Today @_mumbaimirror

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Sona recently opened up about the event and the opportunity that she had received. “My childhood fascination for space is well known in my close circles. My father has a profound connection with the stars, being a Navigation Specialist and instructor on Astro and Radar Navigation in the Indian Navy. He used to sit us, three sisters, down in the lawn and make us stare into the sky and do a Star Quiz,” the singer said.

Sona further revealed that when she was studying to become an engineer, she somehow found her calling in music. But her growth in the world of music has not diminished her fascination for space and the opportunity that she has received is thrilling her to bits. “I feel fortunate that I will be able to contribute through my participation in a small way”, Sona added.


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