Sri Lanka’s biggest cricket stadium, check out the unique features and Audience capacity

Sri Lanka’s biggest cricket in the world has been 2nd and 1st largest built in India, which has an audience capacity of more than one lakh 10 thousand. Everyone can sit freely and watch matches peacefully in the largest cricket stadium.

Already, India has big cricket stadium and now same going to be built in Sri Lanka too, but it will be the biggest cricket stadium of Sri Lanka. Sri Lankan government together with the Sri Lankan Cricket Board has decided to build the country’s largest cricket stadium in Homagama, which has been questioned by former team captain Mahela Jayawardene that why we need new Stadium we are enough with out present stadiums for our audience capacity.

Sri Lankan team captain Mahela Jayawardene reacted existing infrastructure is not fully utilized, so what is the benefit of building a new stadium. Mahela Jayawardene has tweeted, “If we do not play so much international or first-class cricket in the existing stadiums then what other need is there.” Jayawardene is right to say this, as Sri Lanka cricket should strengthen their first-class structure for the moment.


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