Telangana government’s big decision, lockdown extended to may 7

The whole nation is fighting the Corona pestilence. Lockdown has been announced till May 3 the nation over. Simultaneously, Telangana has expanded the lockdown in its state. In a gathering of the Telangana bureau, it has been concluded that the lockdown will be kept till 7 May. The circumstance will be looked into again by the state bureau on 5 May.

With this, it has been told by the legislature that so far 64 individuals who have come back from abroad in the state have been seen as Corona positive. The legislature is currently looking at the movement history of the Jamaatis who joined Nizamuddin Markaz.

18 individuals passed on because of corona in Telangana

Simultaneously, as indicated by the Ministry of Health, Government of India, so far 809 instances of crown have been accounted for in Telangana. 186 individuals have been released from the medical clinic after treatment thus far 18 individuals have kicked the bucket in the state from Corona.

Corona diseased 507 individuals across the nation

Tell us that the Corona infection contamination in the nation isn’t taking a name. New instances of crown are expanding step by step. On Sunday, the Health Ministry discharged the figures, saying that over the most recent 24 hours, 1334 new instances of the corona have been accounted for and 27 individuals have kicked the bucket. 2,231 patients in the nation have recuperated after treatment. Up until now, 15712 instances of the crown have been accounted for the nation over and the loss of life has arrived at 507.

On Sunday, Dr. Raman R. Gangakhedkar, related with the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), said that 3,86,791 preliminaries of Corona have been done in the nation up until this point. Of these, 29,287 tests were led in labs connected to the ICMR. 7,886 crown tests have been acted in private part research facilities.


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