The Reason behind Boxing Day test match | Aus vs NZ

Boxing Day:

26 December often marks as the beginning of a Test match in Australia, and this Test match is named as the Boxing Day Test. It is celebrated because it’s a day where servant used to receive Christmas presents and gifts from their masters and they recalled as gift boxes from gift boxes the term Boxing Day derived.

In Britain as well as in some of the other Commonwealth countries Boxing Day is given as a public holiday and because of that huge crowds come to the stadium to watch sport which creates a festive atmosphere.

Boxing Day Test Match:

The first Boxing Day Test match was played in 1950 between Australia and England after that they played a few more times until 1980.

From 1980 on onwards it has been played continuously except for one year in 1989.

In 2013 when England visited Australia they played the Boxing Day Test match and attracted a crowd of over 91,000 people which was unprecedented for the record.

Four cricket teams are ready for the Boxing Day Test match. Australia, New Zealand, England and South Africa. They will start the Test match from Thursday 26 December. The matches are in between Australia and New Zealand in Melbourne and South Africa vs England in Centurion.


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