Top 5 Horror Web Series: You must watch to get perfect entertainment during lockdown

We are also telling you about those web series every day, by seeing which you can pass your good time. Today we are going to tell you about five such Indian horror web series which will increase your heartbeat.


The first name in this list is Typewriter. If you like horror stories, you are a web series addict and want to see something new, then this is a wonderful web series for you. Sujoy Ghosh is known for his stories in thriller elements and this series is full of it. This story is about a book called Ghost of Sultanpur and a typewriter. Some children are influenced by the book. Through this book, they fulfill their mission and the story moves forward. By the end, his dream of meeting the ghost is almost fulfilled. You can watch it on Netflix.


Depths is a horror web series created by Vikram Bhatt. It stars Sanjay Sheikh and Vatsal Sheth in the lead roles. It is directed by Siddhant Sachdev. The story of the web series is of Raina Malik (Sanjida Sheikh), a surgeon of 26 years. For some reason, she leaves her profession and shifts to Mumbai. But scary accidents happen to them in the flat. They feel that some shadow is always following them. His friends think it is Raina’s spell. Then their neighbors come forward to help them. You can see it on Viu.


Illusion is a psychological thriller web series starring Kalki Kekalan. The story and the story of the confusion revolve around the life story of a young girl named Alisha Khanna, who is an excellent writer for love stories. A car accident changes her life and she loses a lot of stability in relation to her mindset. So, to regain her stability she turns to her sister Ankita (Bhumika Chawla) and decides to move in and live with her and her husband Peter Paul (Sanjay Suri). The story moves forward and the fun begins to double. You can watch this web series on G5.


Ghul is an arabic title meaning genie or vampire. A daughter, acting dutiful towards her country, informs the police about the traitorous father. At the same time, the father seeks the help of a genie whose name is Ghul to succeed in his nefarious dreams. The whole story seems to revolve around it. The father feels that the government is working against the Muslims and hence he wants to teach the lesson of Islam to the people and wants to alert the people. But the thoughts of this father’s daughter are different and she also prevents the father from doing all this many times. You can watch this web series on Netflix


This web series is based on the stories of author Ruskin Bond, known for magical, mysterious, thrilling stories. It has many episodes. Each episode has a different story. Some scare you and some scare you inside. This web series can give you a good time pass in lockdown. You can see it on the G5.


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