Twitter Flats feature launched globally, (Amazing Features) posted photos and videos will disappear automatically

Twitter Flats: Twitter has launched the worldwide Twitter Flats feature. Users can post photos and videos through this feature, which will automatically disappear after 24 hours. Let us know that the company released this feature in India as a test in June.

Twitter Flats feature launched globally (Know All About Twitter Flats):

Twitter Flats
Twitter New Feature: Twitter Flats

Twitter’s Design Director Joshua Harris said that we have seen our users sharing their ideas with the world through the Fleet feature. At the same time, Joshua Harris said, this feature is very useful for all our users. He has further stated that we are also working on another new feature called Audio Space. Through this feature, users will be able to debit on any topic. Currently, this feature is going on testing.

 Twitter flats:

Photos and video flats posted by users look like an Instagram story at the top of the Twitter app. All photos and videos shared via the Fleet feature disappear automatically after 24 hours. At the same time, Android and iOS mobile users can use this feature.

Twitter’s new feature (Twitter Flats):

Let us tell you that Twitter will launch the Topics feature in November last month. This feature supports Hindi and English languages. The new theme feature helps people virtually follow and connect with people in their favorite areas. This gives users more and better content on their time. Simply put, when a user follows a topic on Twitter, they will see the account and web page of a specialist in the same field.

Twitter Flats: Meaning the user will not have to search and follow the people of his profession, choice, and identity one by one. If you enter the Bollywood theme, you will find pages and accounts of people associated with Bollywood.

If the user selects their favorite brand, sports team, and city on Twitter, the Twitter user will receive tweets from the same region. If you follow the topic in Hindi and English, you will have many topics and accounts available in English. Also, a garnishment will be found on the account.


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