Twitter New Update: iOS Live Photos can be shared as GIFs

Twitter is one of the biggest and trending social media Currently. Apple phones have an extra options in camera, that is live photos.

iOS live photos cannot used for the Twitter social media to share earlier. It’s necessary to use an app to convert that Live Photo into a GIF and post that new GIF on its own, but this process takes more time. Understanding each and every consequences Twitter come up with the news updates.

Twitter New Update:

Twitter has gifter this! By sharing-

“Give the gift of GIFs. You can now upload your iOS Live Photos as GIFs anywhere you upload photos on Twitter.”

Every day million of iPhone live photos unshared, understanding this Twitter came up with this update.

The features are very pretty & easy to use, at least from the Twitter iOS app. Select a photo from your camera roll, then tap the “GIF” button in the lower-left corner of the photo in your tweet compose window. Then, post it.


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