Vizag Gas Leak: How Visakhapatnam gas leak incident happened?

The death toll in Visakhapatnam gas leak accident has risen to 10. Initial investigation report revealed that the accident occurred due to a problem in the gas valve. At 2.30 am on Thursday, the gas valve went bad and poisonous gas leaked. At present, this is the initial investigation report. Right now the entire team of officers will investigate the case.

According to a senior official investigating the case, it is yet to be found that valve control for the gas was not handled properly and they burst, causing a leak. With this, the local villagers in the vicinity of the factory did not hear any siren of the factory. Because of this, more people came in the grip of accident.

What to say of LG polymers?

In its first response after a major gas leak at its plant in Visakhapatnam, LG Chem has said that the gas leak situation is now under control and all methods of providing prompt treatment to the victims are being adopted. The company said that we are investigating the case so that the exact cause of the leak and deaths can be found out.

Significantly, the gas leak from a factory plant in Visakhapatnam caused panic today. There was a gas leak that stirred the area around the plant. There was chaos in people due to suffocation. People started falling unconscious on the streets. So far, 10 people have died in the gas scandal. About 316 people are admitted in hospitals.

About two thousand people were present in the plant at the time of the accident. When gas started to get out of breath, people started running in disarray. In this attempt, some people also fell in the nearby drain, then many people fainted on the streets. Due to this, relief workers faced difficulties in reaching.



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