What PM Modi going to discuss in tommorow meeting with chief minister?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will again communicate amid steps conferencing on Monday, with chief ministers. In this, the attention could be on boosting economic activities. It’s understood that after the outbreak starts, Prime Minister Modi will communicate with the Chief Ministers for the time.

Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) has said that this movie conference will begin at 3 pm Monday. It could be known that earlier when the Prime Minister had a meeting with all the Chief Ministers on 27 April, the Corona instances were just over 28 thousand in the nation.

But this figure has reached about 63 thousand.After that meeting, extend it and the government had declared to expand the lockdown. But within this lockdown of the phase, many concessions have been made for actions and movement of individuals.

The lockdown was in the country since 25 March in force.Many states have enabled personnel, in addition to labour laws to be relaxed, to promote economic activity.According to sources, Monday’s assembly might consider giving some more leeway to come out of their lockdown in a phased way.

But all restrictions are unlikely to be removed.It’s notable that in a meeting with the Union Cabinet Secretary on Sunday, the Chief Secretaries of the States had said that along with safety in Corona, economic actions have to be encouraged. But a large number of laborers bothered by the lockdown are coming into their home states by trains. In such a circumstance, it’s considered a challenge.


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