Whatsapp: A Big Change In Whatsapp Voice Call Feature

WhatsApp has removed a lot of trouble for its users. Four years ago WhatsApp has introduced a new voice calling feature, and now the company has introduced a major change in it.

Actually, WhatsApp has made such a change in voice calling feature, which will solve a big problem of users.

What is that New Feature?

WhatsApp has introduced a new Call Waiting feature for Android users.

The main problem with the voice calling feature was that when a user was on a call earlier, he could not see any other call. But now call waiting will appear.

WhatsApp: Google Playstore

How it works?

For example, whenever a user is on a WhatsApp call and another tries to call him. In such a situation, he will see the call waiting.

In this, he can also cut the call while waiting or can cut the ongoing call and pick up the other call.

Please do update your Whatsapp.

The call waiting feature has come in both beta and stable versions. So if you have not yet received this feature, then update it from Google Play Store.

You have to update your existing Whatsapp to its new version to experience this feature.


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