Whome did AB de Villiers chooses Sachin Tendulkar or Virat Kohli as a best batsmen?

Former South Africa captain AB de Villiers was put in a difficult place by enthusiasts on Monday night since they asked him to select his favorite between Virat Kohli, Steve Smith and Sachin Tendulkar through an Instagram Live session.

De Villiers had united Zimbabwe cricketer Mpumelelo’Pommy’ Mbangwa in an Instagram Live in which fans first requested him to pick involving Kohli and Smith.

De Villiers, who performs at the Royal Challengers Bangalore, picked the Indian on the Aussie because of his ability to score and win games all.

“It is difficult (to pick between Virat Kohli and Steve Smith). Virat is unquestionably the ball striker. Smudge (Smith) is also up to this.

Virat is similar to Federer, Smith is much more like Nadal. He’s (Smith) emotionally very strong and figured out a means of scoring runs, he seems strange in the crease, does not look natural but he ends up breaking documents and doing wonders in the crease. But my pick is Virat, who is more of a ball-player that is natural. He’s scored runs all over the world, won games under stress so he is my pick,” de Villiers said.

The question was tougher as a fan asked him to decide on a favourite between Tendulkar and Kohli.

The way he stood back in the day in his era and the things he achieved and with the grace he did that, its a great example for everyone all.

“I believe Virat will also say he’s (Tendulkar) the main guy, he is the dude. He set the criteria to follow. For me, specially in a chase I would say Virat is. There’s no one that defeats him when it comes to… the opposition scores 330 and you’ve got to go chase it down.

“Sachin was amazing in all formats, a variety of scenarios but Virat shirts him there when it comes to pursuing under pressure. For me that’s where I speed sportsman, when it comes to tennis, golf… that the Tiger Woods of this world. When the heat is actually on you feel like your whole body is numb, but he (Kohli) stands up and that he does wonders.


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