Why India rejects Nepal’s objections to link road for Kailash Mansarovar?

The MEA spokesperson reiterated India’s commitment to solve all outstanding issues. “India and Nepal have created mechanism to manage all border issues. The border delineation exercise with Nepal is continuing. India is committed to solving outstanding border problems through diplomatic conversation and in the soul of our friendly and close bilateral relations with Nepal,” he explained.

“It might be remembered that the government of Nepal had voiced its debate in 2015 through different diplomatic notes addressed to the authorities of India and China when both sides agreed to comprise Lipulekh pass because a bilateral trade path without Nepal’s approval from the joint statement issued on 15 May 2015 through the official visit of the Prime Minister of India into China,” said Nepal’s foreign ministry.

Kathmandu had previously expressed”regret” over India’s”unilateral” decision of building road in a boundary region that needs to be resolved between India and Nepal.

“The NCP requires immediate stopping of street building work in that region from India and urges it to refrain from accepting any action that will simplify the issue,” read the announcement.
A party statement said,”It’s deplorable that this evolution has happened in a time once the whole humankind is confronted with unprecedented health crisis in the aftermath of coronavirus and our efforts are focused on fighting the outbreak.”

Pass is a much stage near Kalapani, and it is a disputed territory between Nepal and India. Nepal stakes asserts to the side of this pass, Kalapani, which joins at Tibet to the boundary with trading city of Taklakot.

Nepal and india are currently working to discover dates that are convenient place the pandemic to get a meeting to go over the problem.

India on Saturday rejected objections raised Within the inauguration of a new Street by Nepal to the pass Across the Boundary with China at Uttarakhand. The street section in district in Uttarakhand lies within the land of India, the Ministry of External Affairs said on Saturday.

This isn’t the first time that Nepal participating with China and has flagged its own objections to India’s moves.
“This unilateral act runs contrary to the understanding reached between both countries including in the level of prime ministers and a solution to border issues will be searched through discussion,” Nepal’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had stated in a statement.

Saying the action from New Delhi runs contrary to the understanding reached between both countries including in the level of prime ministers, Nepal foreign ministry stated,”The government of Nepal stays committed to find diplomatic solution to border problems on the grounds of their historic treaty, records, maps and facts, in keeping with the spirit of clothing and friendly ties between both nations.”

Defence minister Rajnath Singh on Friday had inaugurated the street to lessen the travel of Kailash-Mansarovar Yatris which could be curtailed to a in contrast to weeks it occurred.

Rajnath Singh on Friday inaugurated the link road. With the conclusion of the undertaking, Kailash Mansarovar Yatra’s pilgrims can now avoid the trek through terrain along with journey’s period will reduce by days.

Within this 80-km street, the elevation climbs from 6,000 to 17,060 ft. With the conclusion of the undertaking, the tough trek through treacherous, high-altitude terrain can now be prevented by the pilgrims of Kailash-Mansarovar,” said a statement by the Ministry of Defence.

The federal party NCP required that the building be stopped until the boundary issue isn’t solved while the authorities of Nepal to have a conversation to solve the matter.


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