15+Worst passwords of the Year 2020 (which cracked in less than half the time)

Worst passwords: Currently, money can be transferred online with just one click. This requires a login ID and password. But if you have not created a strong password, then fraud with you can be executed in just one click. In the year 2020, a large number of weak passwords have been created, which have been cracked about 23 million times.

Worst passwords
Worst passwords

(worst passwords)The weakest password of the year 2020

The password manager Nordpass released a list of the 200 worst passwords of the year 2020 in its annual report, according to which the number of 123456 passwords used in the year 2020 can be cracked in less than half the time. 123456789 has been the second most commonly used password. Picture1 has been the most used after this.

Things did not improve even after 5 years

According to a software firm report in 2015, 123456 password was ranked as the worst password of the year. At that time it achieved the first ranking among the worst passwords. At the same time, 123456 remains the most used password even after 5 years. Movie 

According to a NordPass report, Pesaward itself ranks fourth on the list of most used passwords.

Category wise password

Researcher Nordpass has assumed that people make it easier to remember passwords. But it is also true that it is equally easy to crack easy passwords. HTML

In the year 2020 of the report, 21,409 people reported the password for the word chocolate. At the same time, 90,000 people made passwords to aaron431, while more than 37,000 people chose the word Pokémon as the password. In the year 2020, Iloweau was ranked 17th in the list of most used passwords.

These are the worst passwords of the year 2020

  • Senha
  • 67 1234567 (Filmora Key Free
  •  qwerty
  • 123 abc123
  • 11 111111
  • 123123
  • 123456
  • 8 12345678
  • 6 123456
  • 89 123456789
  • Figure 1
  • Password
  • 8 12345678
  • 1234
  • Y ilovoy
  • 4 Aaron 631
  • password 1
  • 2 million
  • 000000
  • 1 qqww1122

“According to research, the majority of people use simple and easy-to-remember passwords, because it’s convenient. But the problem is that most memorable passwords are highly vulnerable to cracking. Here are the 12 categories of the most popular passwords the research has uncovered,” it added.

NordPass has advised people to avoid using “dictionary words, number combinations, or strings of adjacent keyboard combinations” while setting the same.


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