WWE SmackDown: WWE Got A Tremendous Advantage

WWE SmackDown: This week SmackDown saw less action but the buildup to TLC PPV was fantastic. The show saw a fight between Find and Miz. This fight becomes one of the most popular fights in WWE history.

These two i.e Fiend and Miz will now compete in TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) PPV (Pay Per View). The Revival won the Fatal 4th match. The Revival will compete in TLC with New Day.

Lacey Evans’ also continued with Sasha Banks and Bailey. The segments between Drake Maverick and Elias also became spectacular.

Ziggler competed with Roman Reigns in the main event. King Corbin intervened in this. Roman Reigns won the match, but after the match, King Corbin and Ziggler handcuffed Roman to dog food.

This week SmackDown’s viewership stood at 2.446 million. The first-hour viewership stood at 2.536 million and the second-hour viewership was 2.356 million.

Compared to the previous episode of WWE, this time there was a growth of 5.2 percent viewership. SmackDown had a viewership of 2.325 million last week.

This is good news for SmackDown as per TLC (Tables, Ladders, and Chairs) and PPV. Because the episodes of Raw and SmackDown after Survivor Series did not become very special. It is good news in December that there was an increase in viewership.


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