Vendor Arrested for Attacking Devotees at Kal Bhairav Temple in Ujjain

A shocking incident unfolded outside the Kal Bhairav Temple in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, as a vendor was arrested for assaulting devotees.

Eyewitnesses reported that Ramesh, identified as a vendor visibly agitated by the refusal, began hurling abuses at the devotees. The situation escalated quickly when they stood their ground, refusing to buy Prasad from him. Ramesh, in a fit of rage, physically attacked the devotees, causing panic and chaos near the temple.

Aggression Leads to Legal Action

The altercation left several devotees injured, prompting swift action from local authorities. Upon receiving reports of the incident, law enforcement officers arrived at the scene and apprehended Ramesh. He has since been booked under relevant sections of the law for assault and disturbing public peace.

Authorities have assured the public that stringent action will be taken against those responsible for instigating violence in places of religious significance. The injured devotees have been provided with medical assistance, and efforts are underway to restore calm in the area.

Authorities Ensure Safety Measures

Speaking to reporters, Inspector Rajesh Kumar assured the public that such incidents would not be tolerated, especially in places of religious significance. He emphasized the importance of maintaining decorum and safety for all devotees visiting the temple.

Efforts are underway to enhance security measures around the temple premises to prevent similar incidents from occurring in the future. Authorities have urged vendors and visitors alike to cooperate and adhere to regulations to ensure a peaceful environment for worship.

Community Condemns Violence

Residents and members of the community have condemned the act of violence, expressing shock and dismay over the incident. Many have called for stricter regulations to govern vendors operating near religious sites to prevent such altercations from happening again.

The incident has sparked discussions about the need for better management of vendors and stricter enforcement of rules to maintain order and safety in public spaces, particularly around places of worship.


The assault on devotees outside the Kal Bhairav Temple serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced in maintaining law and order in places of worship. It underscores the importance of collective efforts to uphold the sanctity of religious sites and ensure the safety of all worshippers.

Authorities are committed to taking decisive action to address the underlying issues that led to the altercation and prevent similar incidents from happening again. By working together with the community, they aim to create an environment where worshippers can practice their faith peacefully and without fear of violence.

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