Afghanistan: Heavy rains in In Parwan Province kill 32 citizens

Heavy rains set off flash floods that killed at least 32 people and left dozens missing in northern Afghanistan, the Taliban’s state-run news agency reported Monday.

According to the Afghanistan Department of Meteorology, which has issued a warning for potential flash floods in other provinces, including Nangarhar, tomorrow might bring heavy rain and flash floods to 22 provinces across the country.

The exact number of casualties and property damages are yet to be not determined.

However, flash floods destroyed Most of the homes in the three Parwan districts. As per the Associated Press report, the province is surrounded by mountains, thus, flooding from heavy rainfall occurs frequently there.

The Acting Minister of Disaster Management together with the governor of Parwan province and other officials visited the affected areas in Shinwari district by helicopter on 14 August.

Afghanistan’s National Disaster Management Agency said tents, tarpaulins, blankets, and cooking utensils were distributed to the victims whose houses are destroyed, and hot food and drinking water were distributed to the other victims.

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