Mahakal Lok Phase-2 work is speed up by the administration of Ujjain

The work of Phase II of Mahakal Lok will now speed up, the team of Ujjain district administration has also started the widening work of the street near Bada Ganesh temple under the expansion of the Mahakal area.

With this, the process of removing the acquired buildings has been started on Tuesday. About 13 houses are to be removed from here. Police and administrative officers were present on the spot during the action.

The Work on the second phase of Mahakal Lok has been started Under which expansion of Mahakal temple is to be done. For this, the land around the temple is being acquired.

Administrative officials reached the spot in the morning and with the help of JCB started the work of demolishing the houses.

In this regard, SDM Kalyani Pandey says that compensation is being given to the affected people. Due to the action, the affected residents have already vacated their houses.

Some residents have filed a petition in the court to increase the compensation amount, saying it is less.

But today court rejected the appeal of residents then the administration executed the action.

The first phase of the Mahakal Lok was inaugurated on October 11, 2022.

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